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Controstoria del liberalismo by Domenico Losurdo PDF

By Domenico Losurdo

Come spiegare che nell'ambito della tradizione liberale l. a. celebrazione della libertà va spesso di pari passo con l'assimilazione dei lavoratori salariati a strumenti di lavoro e con los angeles teorizzazione del dispotismo e persino della schiavitù a carico dei popoli coloniali? In questo quantity Losurdo indaga le contraddizioni e le sector d'ombra da sempre trascurate dagli studiosi, siglando una controstoria che evidenzia l. a. difficoltà di conciliare l. a. difesa teorica delle libertà individuali con los angeles realtà dei rapporti politici e sociali.

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The fact that ex-militant cultural figures, writers and academics alike, continue to review fiction in daily newspapers (Giuliani of the ex-'Novissimi' or Pietro Citati come to mind) means that writers' poetics, whether implicit or explicit, continue to play some role in the reception of their work, but the rampant theorizing of the sixties has for the most part disappeared in favor of the superficial touting of new talents and the ceremonial valorizing of tried and true older writers. Celati is, therefore, an exception in the current context, for he has never stopped exploring and transforming his poetics, discussing diverse hypotheses regarding the function of narrative, and probing the validity of issues, models, and modes brought to the fore in neoavant-garde debates.

10-11). After his expulsion from this unhappy home, Guizzardi darts from adventure to adventure (as his name implies, for 'guizzare' means 'to dart'), a prisoner of chance and his own radical inarticulateness. Although his continuous, astonishingly garbled stream of words, which make up the narrative we read, would seem to distinguish him from the 'catatonic,' mute form of passive resistance seen in comics like Keaton and Laurel, as well as in the laconic Bartleby, he is their brother in his stubborn devotion to his 'preference not to,' that is, his perdurability as Guizzardi and only Guizzardi.

In much of his work, he appears to accept the sheer anteriority of language, yet it also seems that he reaches towards some transcendent realm. This apparently contradictory view is reflected in his belief that the shared human search for narratives that might make sense of existence is a 'fiction' in which, however, it is necessary to 'believe/ His 'workshop' approach to writing has sustained a rich and long career of Introduction 17 dedication to the powerful potential of carefully crafted words: a potential that is never perfectly fulfilled but that fuels the imagination and its amazing products.

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Controstoria del liberalismo by Domenico Losurdo

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