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Continuous Multivariate Distribs [Vol 1] - download pdf or read online

By S. Kotz, et al.,

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P. cm. Includes index. ISBN 978-0-8050-8734-5 1. Education, Higher—United States. 2. College costs—United States. 3. College teachers—United States. I. Dreifus, Claudia. II. Title. 73—dc22 2010007219 Henry Holt books are available for special promotions and premiums. For details contact: Director, Special Markets. First Edition 2010 Designed by Kelly S. Too Printed in the United States of America 1 3 5 7 9 11 8 6 4 2 To our country’s students, who deserve better CONTENTS Introduction: Higher Education?

In Harvard’s department of philosophy that same year, almost half of its full-time faculty—eight of its seventeen professors—were away on sabbaticals. Of course, it was the students who paid. Many of their undergraduate courses were canceled or given by one-year visitors unfamiliar with the byways of the university. We grant that Harvard is especially well endowed—or at least it was until the meltdown of 2008. But it sets a standard other colleges hope to emulate, which then affects how they will parcel out whatever funds they have.

Each of these offices and programs, and the people in them, began with a plausible rationale and a credible purpose. The Williams babysitting service helps both faculty parents and students who want to make some extra money. And since it isn’t easy being gay or lesbian while away at college, a queer life coordinator can help them focus on their studies. But though it’s one thing to say a service is useful, that doesn’t prove it’s necessary. Or, for that matter, that it enhances the college’s educational mission, even indirectly.

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Continuous Multivariate Distribs [Vol 1] by S. Kotz, et al.,

by Paul

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