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By H. Reinholz, et al.,

ISBN-10: 9812709584

ISBN-13: 9789812709585

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This closes off one favorite escape route of critical readers and referees. It is the conventional wisdom of textbooks that under variation of input parameters, two sp levels may repel or cross one other. 13 This phenomenon is made possible by the variation of sp energies with level occupation numbers – a property central to Landau theory. A primary condition for merging to occur is that the LandauMigdal interaction function f is repulsive in coordinate space,13 which holds for the effective nn and pp interactions in the nuclear interior14 and for the electron-electron interaction in atoms.

Chemical potential of helium atoms in a Cs wedge as a function of angular opening 2ϕ for linear densities 70, 140 and 280 ˚ A−1 . Wedge configurations to the left of the vertical segment near 43o have higher energies than a flat pancake with the same linear density. vanishes for these large nanoscopic amounts of fluid. 3 In Ref. 14 we have propossed an effective way of determining the contact angle θ of 4 He on Cs by means of DF calculations, looking for the value of 2ϕF ∼ 110o where the grandpotential is independent of n.

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