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Militant to attack fraud; militant to shatter the camouflage facade of hypocrite; militant to expose corruption; militant to blast the vested interests of finance with all the dynamic forces at his disposal, and not least of these is penetrating truth. For the shells of reason and truth fired by the spark of faith must without doubt at a certain moment force the surrender of purely material and idolatrous forces of financial democracy, annihilate once and for all the world of usury, the world of Judaic capitalists.

Because it is on the construction and not on the demolition that National Socialism concentrates. It demands the space to build, and given this, the germs of disease and the growth of weeds will automatically vanish and disappear. To be militant need not incur the odium of being violent. The last word implies an uncontrolled physical action, even chaos, while militant implies order and discipline of the mind on the march towards a definite objective. Militant should imply something of permanence, while violence is merely of temporary duration.

The speeches and resolutions reported in the press which took place at the Assembly of Free Church Council this year show how small is the understanding among a large body of Christian Churchmen of National Socialist and Fascist principles. Indeed, these prove how the representatives of these denominations have fallen under the spell of propaganda issued by the inveterate foe of Christianity, and how they themselves have become allies of atheists and herders of the people into the byres of international finance.

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