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Read e-book online Close-Up and Macro Photography PDF

By Adrian Davies (Auth.)

ISBN-10: 0240812123

ISBN-13: 9780240812120

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If your software has an “unsharp mask” option, turn it off—it is often on by default. It is much better to apply the sharpening after any image resizing. ). As a rule of thumb, 12 Mb is sufficient to give a high-quality A4 ink-jet print, 25 Mb for an A3 print, while a 48-Mb file is the accepted norm for picture libraries and publication. 16. 18 (a) The extraordinary detail recorded by the scanner is shown in this image of the underside of a bracket fungus. ) across. (b) This section was scanned at 6400 dpi.

5× when lenses from 35 mm cameras are used with DSLRs with small sensors. This can be very useful in some circumstances. For example, a 100 mm macro lens becomes effectively a 150 mm lens when used with an APS-C-sized sensor, allowing a greater working distance between camera and subject. A 300 mm lens becomes effectively a 450 mm lens, which is very useful for sport and wildlife photographers. 8 even though the effective length is longer. The main problem is with wide-angle lenses, where a 28 mm wide-angle lens becomes effectively a 42 mm lens, therefore no longer the wide-angle lens it was.

How many pixels you need will depend on a number of factors, primarily how large you intend to reproduce the images. In general, the more pixels you have, the better the image quality will be, though there are a lot of other factors involved such as the quality of the lens used and any in-camera image processing. The image from a 6-Mp mobile phone will almost certainly not be as good as that taken with a 6-Mp camera with a high-quality lens and saved as a RAW or high-quality JPEG file. For most purposes, 8 Mp is adequate, and will give a high-quality A3 ink-jet print.

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Close-Up and Macro Photography by Adrian Davies (Auth.)

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