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Read e-book online Claws of the Dragon (Star Wars: Legacy, Vol. 3) PDF

By John Ostrander

ISBN-10: 159307946X

ISBN-13: 9781593079468

"Claws of the Dragon" - 100 years after the occasions in go back of the Jedi, Luke's descendent Cade Skywalker is captured by means of the Sith, Emperor Darth Krayt unveils his real identification, and a mystery bankruptcy within the lifetime of Obi-Wan Kenobi is printed. whilst Cade makes an attempt to rescue the Jedi he grew to become over to the Sith in the course of his days as a bounty hunter, the final Skywalker quickly reveals himself within the clutches of Darth Krayt. There, Cade needs to confront his prior and judge as soon as and for all: will he stay the Emperor's prisoner or turn into his thrall? examine even if the Skywalker line lives as much as the triumph of Luke or returns to the tragedy of Anakin!

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