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Get Chess: The Art of Logical Thinking: From the First Move to PDF

By Neil McDonald

ISBN-10: 0713488948

ISBN-13: 9780713488944

Grand grasp and prolific chess writer Neil McDonald explains each circulation made in 30 impressive tactical or strategical video games performed during the last area century. every one of those video games has been rigorously selected for its constant logical thread, in order that the reader gets top guide within the paintings of conceiving acceptable plans and assaults and wearing them out to their traditional end: in brief, avid gamers will discover ways to imagine logically. staring at those video games spread will turn out an schooling and notion to readers who can then attempt to play within the comparable useful manner, with a corresponding development of their personal game.

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B6 idea from the last module. Since White's Bishop is now on d3, taking with the Knight is ob­ viously not a good idea. White threatens to undermine the Kn ight by taking the exposed Bishop. p l a y White wo u l d m a ke if he thoug ht he wa s o n top here. l S .. fxe4 1 6. B g 3 ? Rxfl + ! Kg 1 Rf8. 12 ••• Bg7 1 2 ... a6 doesn't solve B l a c k's p ro b l e m s beca u s e W h i te ca n p rotect h i s K n i g h t via Bf4 a n d the Q u ee n o n a 7 no l o n g e r 65 Module 3 : Putting D own an Errant Kn ight Analysis, Variations, and Notes Analysis, Variations, and Notes 9 .

Qh 5 is still quite good since 10 ... like Black has to settle for 10 .. Q a3 cannot be comfo rtable. the Queen line while 1 0... Nc3 f5 52 Module 3 : Lesson N otes on Com p leting the Exe rci ses My guess is th at your j ournal shows a substantially different answer than the ab ove . That's okay. Both the solving of the problem and seeing a thorough solu­ tion improve your chess. Th e s o luti o n s to the exe rcise di a­ grams shown on the next two pages are not nearly as tho rough, but I do try to give the important variations you can c o m p are with your own a n swers .

Qxd6 l ooks terri b l e fo r B l ac k) 1 9. B b 2 a n d White h a s a d o m i nati ng positi o n . fxe4 Bxe4 1 6. Rxa6 Black a p pears to s u rvive "on ly" a pawn down. 67 Module 4: � I{ite of Doolt}-Double-Barreled FUll L et's break away from the depressing business of examining monkey wrenches Bl ack can throw at us - instead it is time to start havi ng some fun ! Th is module is dedicated to the attacks that can come from a setup C-Z pl ayers often ai m for. To start th ings off, we'll exa m i ne an i n famous game where a computer overl ooked the most enj oy­ able tactic in the C-Z player's kit bag.

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