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Download e-book for iPad: Chess at the top, 1979-1984 by Anatoly Karpov

By Anatoly Karpov

ISBN-10: 0080297706

ISBN-13: 9780080297705

ISBN-10: 0080297714

ISBN-13: 9780080297712

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45 Concise Chess Getting Out of Check (1): Moving the King 8 8 7 7 6 6 5 5 4 4 3 3 2 2 1 1 a b c d e f g a h Check! b c d e f g h Out of check In the first diagram above we see the black king in check from the white rook. The simplest way out of check is to move the king so that the rook is no longer threatening it. This is the case if Black moves the king from g8 to g7 (see the second diagram). Are there any other king moves that get out of check? No. The other two options for the black king, the f8- and the h8-squares, would still leave the king attacked by the enemy rook.

Checkmate ends the game and Black wins. Exercise 8 White should remind Black that he is in check from the knight on e7, make Black retract his move and force him to move out of check. 61 Chapter Four Castling, Pawn Promotion and En Passant There are three special moves that I didn't deal with in Chapter 2 be­ cause I felt that they were worthy of a chapter on their own. The three in question are castling, pawn promotion and en passant. I will deal with the mechanics of the moves over the next few pages, but first here's a brief explanation of why these moves exist.

This gives us another four options, giving a grand total of 20 possible first moves for White. Chapter Three Check and Checkmate 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 a b c d e f g a h b c d e g h Check! White to play Say that it's White to move in the first diagram above. One possibility is to slide the rook from the a1-square to the aS-square (see the sec­ ond diagram). On this square the white rook is attacking the black king on the g8-square. When a king is attacked by an enemy piece this is known as 'check'. On Black's next move he must take steps to get out of check - he is not allowed to do anything else before he deals with the threat to capture his king.

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