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Bird Wattmeters (several models) - download pdf or read online

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G. a frequency counter, spectrum analyzer, or oscilloscope. Bird 4520 Series Replacement Parts List The mounting panel entry lists the panel styles for each model. Only parts which are not used on the Bird 43 are listed here. 42 Model Differences Description Qty. 5”L) 4526/27 (16” L) 1 1 1 2 4220-097-5 4522-013 4523-003-1 4220-097-5 RF Cable Assembly (4527 only) 1 4430-002 43 Bird Model 43 Wattmeter 44 Chapter 7 Specifications These specifications include data covering the Bird 43, 43P, 4305A, 4431, 4521, 4522, 4523, 4525, 4526, and 4527.

Unscrew the four 8-32 flat head screws securing the back cover. 2. Grasp the back cover by the side tabs behind the line connectors and pull straight back to remove it. 3. Insert the Bird 43P between a reliable CW signal source and a 50 ohm load. 4. Insert an element with the appropriate power and frequency range into the Bird 43P. Turn it to read forward power. 5. Set the wattmeter to CW mode (LED off). 6. Turn on the signal source and adjust the source power to give a stable reading in the upper half of the wattmeter’s scale.

4. Remove the two 8-32 x 1/4” screws fastening the guide and plate assembly to the back of the line section. 5. Put the control knob back on the shaft, then turn it counterclockwise until the collar is free of the shaft. Remove the control knob. 6. Pull the probe plate straight out of the pin and guide bushing. 7. Unscrew the 5/8 hex nut on the BNC connector and pull the sampler connector into the case. The probe plate assembly, P/N 4431-003, is now released and may be replaced. 8. The sampler cable (RG-58/U) center conductor is soldered to the probe’s rear stub.

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Bird Wattmeters (several models)

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