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Download PDF by Sam C. Sarkesian: Beyond the Battlefield. The New Military Professionalism

By Sam C. Sarkesian

ISBN-10: 0080271782

ISBN-13: 9780080271781

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For example, the concept of profession­ alism as a lifetime career was revised. The military now might be only one of several careers. Society had developed linkages with the military profession which provided a number of alternative sources for socialization. Moreover, the selfisolation of the military was eroding, partly as a reflection of societal changes and partly as a reflection of the changing demands of the international security environment. Thus, during the early years of the 1960s, both the Huntington and Janowitz theses appeared relevant, or appeared to provide a useful framework for understanding profession­ alism - but for different reasons.

Professional perspectives and dimensions cannot be d e veloped in a vacuum. Military systems are presumed to reflect t h e society; and t h u s professional e t h i c s , a t t i t u d e s , and beliefs develop a close identification with those of society. Moreover, the socialization process of the military professional is not completely divorced from society. This is not to s u g gest that professionalism does not develop its own dimensions. For example, the fact that society declares no more Vietnams does not necessarily s u g g e s t that the professional should not study counter-insurgency.

16) In other words, immediate friends and relatives outside the military have little understanding of the military profession and in turn place little value on it. Margiotta concluded from his study that: Officers believe that the public neither knows nor understands their educational achievements, their lifestyle based on upper middle-class pay and al­ lowances, the competitive promotion system in the Air Force, and the variety and complexity of jobs that may be required of them. When we added officer experiences in Southeast Asia, their dis­ satisfaction with media coverage of the military and AN EMPIRICAL REASSESSMENT 27 their feeling that they safeguard important national values, then perceived patterns of status and alienation are more understandable, if not completely realistic.

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