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Read e-book online Beginning C : from novice to professional PDF

By Ivor Horton

ISBN-10: 1430202432

ISBN-13: 9781430202431

ISBN-10: 1590597354

ISBN-13: 9781590597354

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A floating-point variable is declared in a similar way to an integer variable. You just use the keyword for the floating-point type that you want to use: float Radius; double Biggest; If you need to store numbers with up to seven digits of accuracy (a range of 10-38 to 10+38), you should use variables of type float. Values of type float are known as single precision floating-point numbers. This type will occupy 4 bytes in memory, as you can see from the table. Using variables of type double will allow you to store double precision floating-point values.

First, though, you’ll try some simple examples using the basic arithmetic operators that you have at your disposal. Table 2-1 shows these operators. Table 2-1. Basic Arithmetic Operators Operator Action + Addition - Subtraction * Multiplication / Division % Modulus You may not have come across the modulus operator before. It just calculates the remainder after dividing the value of the expression on the left of the operator by the value of the expression on the right. For this reason it’s sometimes referred to as the remainder operator.

Arithmetic Statements The previous program is the first one that really did something. It is very simple—just adding a few numbers—but it is a significant step forward. It is an elementary example of using an arithmetic statement to perform a calculation. Now let’s look at some more sophisticated calculations that you can do. Basic Arithmetic Operations In C, an arithmetic statement is of the following form: Variable_Name = Arithmetic_Expression; The arithmetic expression on the right of the = operator specifies a calculation using values stored in variables and/or explicit numbers that are combined using arithmetic operators such as addition (+), subtraction (–), multiplication (*), and division (/).

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