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Beating the Sicilian 3 by John Nunn PDF

By John Nunn

ISBN-10: 0713478446

ISBN-13: 9780713478440

This 3rd variation is geared toward membership and match chess gamers and offers principles to beat Black's newest counter-attacking ploys within the ever-changing Sicilian Defence.

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Sample text

C7?! is ίη­ ferior after 15 fxe5! xd5 17 exd5 ':c8 18 ':hf1! with some advantage for White, GhindaBonsch, Halle 1987) 15 ΦbΙ ':c8 (15 ... ~b616 b3;t Gufeld-Georgadze, USSR 1981) 16 ':hf1 b5 17 b3 exf4 18 ':xf4 ~h5? (Timman considers that 18 ... xe7! ~xf4 20 "xf4! h3!! xd7+ "xd7 25 "e5+ "e6 26 "xh8 Φe7 27 "d4 with a winning Scheveningen position for White, Ljubojevic-Timman, Amsterdam 1986. dS and then 9 exdS ltJxd5 1Ο ltJxd5 exd5 is given as unclear by ECO. However, ίη distinction Ιο 8 1:tgl d5, White's rook is still defending the h-pawn, so Whίte might consider 9 eS ltJfd7 10 f4, when 1Ο ...

A5?! 18 ~dl! ta6 21 ΦbΙ axb3 22 axb3 was good for White ίη Watson-Suba, Kuala Lumpur 1992. tb7 170-0-00-0-018 ΦbΙ 'it'f2!? te7 19 ~cl! b6 20 axb5 axb5 21lbc Ilbc5 22 "h2! Polgar, Madήd 1993. tg2 is slightly infeήοr to 12 f4, ίι is still worth studying Nunn-Bischoff as the resulting positions are very similar. 12 ... g6! tg2 was that White improves the position of his bishop (particularly ίη the g6 line given above, because ... 'it'h4 ηο longer gains a tempo), while Black has trouble finding useful moves.

White's advantage lίes ίη the insecure black kίng, which causes trouble even when Black restores mateήal equality. "xg5 28 ... xg5 29 e6 fxe6 30 :xe6+ Φd8 (30 ... Φd7 31 "f7+) 31 'i'c6! :xg5 29 'ifc6+ Φf8 30 dxe7+ Φχe7 31 a3 win forWhίte. 29 :el 29 "c6+ Φf8 30 dxe7 + "xe7 31 "h6+ :g7 is a lίttle better for White and thίs may ίη fact be hίs best lίne. 29 ... "g2? 'i'g4 was better, when ίι is far from clear if White can do more thandraw. "fS :n 30 31 32 dxe7 Μateήal equality is re-establίshed but Black's kίng position makes his defensive task difficult.

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