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Battle In Africa 1879-1914, Fieldbooks - download pdf or read online

By Howard Whitehouse

ISBN-10: 1869871014

ISBN-13: 9781869871017

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Despite the difficulties, dangers and uncertainties, military forces could sometimes manage to achieve everything they were supposed to, and to co-ordinate a flank attack, or pre-plan a frontal assault, exactly according to the needs of the moment. Bedden and Rejjaf The use of flanking movements is well illustrated by the victories of Congo Free State forces at Bedden and Rejjaf on 17th February 1897, on the upper Nile. Commandant Chaltin was encamped at Bedden with 700 irfantry of the Force Publique, 580 Azande irregulars and a small Krupp gun.

The 37mm Pom Pom - a tiny QF gun - fired a lib shell every two seconds. 7" QF naval gun - 10,000 yards with HE or shrapnel 5" howitzer (501b Lyddite shell) - 4,800 yards The Africans get firearms. Before the arrivai of Europeans, African weapons had consisted of spears - from light javelins to huge, leaf-blades - bows, axes, clubs, knives and swords. Firearms, traded for slaves, made some people very powerful. Yet although certain chiefs could field thousands of gunmen - one Nyamwezi headman had 20,000 in 1883 - most were archaic.

Accounts of the Italian rearguard af ter Adowa point to the heroic efforts of Baratieri and his officers to create knots of formed men to stave off pursuit. If morale failed, however, there was little the commander could do to stop the rout: in the actions around Dundee and Ladysmith (1899) the British retreats seemed to collapse into anarçhy for no apparent reason. Horrible Disasters The possibility of disaster dogged every action taken by any European commander. One error, one failure to perceive what was going on, could mean the destruction of his command, blazing headlines in the papers and angry questions in the government - things to be feared far more than death itself.

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