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Robert Haese's Basic Skills Mathematics Year 7 PDF

By Robert Haese

ISBN-10: 187654368X

ISBN-13: 9781876543686

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4 Find the value of the missing angles in each of the following which are not drawn accurately: a b 130° 23° a° 5 Draw the following: a an isosceles triangle b b° a circle showing a sector 6 What is the aim of this construction? P N Q M O P N M Q P O N Q M P R O N Q M R O 7 Draw and name the solid that corresponds to the following net: 8 Draw a net for a square-based pyramid. 9 For this isometric drawing, draw the: a top b left c right d front e back view. front SHAPES AND SOLIDS (CHAPTER 3) Review set 3B 1 In the diagram alongside, what is represented by: a the arrows b AB Ã !

If you have been very accurate and have used a sharp pencil you should have found that BC is 13 cm long. C 5 cm A ? cm 12 cm B SHAPES AND SOLIDS (CHAPTER 3) Parts of a circle: radius arc sector Every point on the circle is the same distance from the centre. This distance is the length of the radius of the circle. ² The perimeter of a circle is called the circumference. It is the distance around the circle. ² The diameter of a circle has length equal to twice the length of the radius. circle centre diameter 3 ² a Sketch a circle and mark on it: i centre O ii a radius OA iii a diameter BC.

SHAPES AND SOLIDS (CHAPTER 3) 7 a b K Correctly name the line segments which form the sides of this figure. Name the line segments which intersect at vertex M. L N B A 8 C E D 37 M For the given figure: a name the line segments forming its sides b name the line segments which intersect at B c name 4 line segments (not all drawn) which could intersect at C. Activity Straight line surprises Part 1: You will need: a sheet of blank paper, a ruler and a sharp pencil. What to do: 1 Mark a point somewhere near the centre of the paper.

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