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Download PDF by Archibald Henry Sayce: Babylonians and Assyrians: Life and Customs

By Archibald Henry Sayce

ISBN-10: 1402156049

ISBN-13: 9781402156045

This Elibron Classics publication is a facsimile reprint of a 1900 version via Charles Scribner's Sons, long island.

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There were the same paradigms to be committed to memory, the same lists of words and phrases to be learned by heart, the same extracts from the authors of the past to be stored up in the mind. Even the “Hamiltonian” system of learning a dead language had already been invented. Exercises were set in translation from Sumerian into Babylonian, and from Babylonian into Sumerian, and the specimens of the latter which have survived to us show that “dog-Latin” was not unknown. But the dead language of Sumer was not all that the educated Babylonian or Assyrian gentlemen of later times was called upon to know.

Then I was afraid and pretended to be an adopted son. My adoption is non-existent; I was the slave of Gagâ, redeemable with money. Nubtâ, her daughter, made a present of me, and by a sealed deed transferred me to her son, Zamamaiddin, and her husband, Nadin-abla. After the death of Gagâ and Nubtâ, I was sold by sealed contract to Itti-Merodach-baladhu, the son of Neboakhi-iddin, the son of Egibi. I will go and [perform each of my duties. ” Then follow the names of the judges and secretary, and the date and place where the judgment was delivered, two of the judges further affixing their seals to the document, as well as a certain Kiribtu who calls himself “the shield-bearer,” but who commissioners sent to investigate the case.

Hence, too, the claim of the law to interfere between the slave-owner and his property. A slave, in fact, could even act as a witness in court, his testimony being put on the same legal level as that of a native Babylonian. He could also be a party to a suit. Thus we find a slave called Nergal-ritsua, in the tenth year of Nabonidos, bringing a suit for the recovery of stolen property. He had been intrusted by his master with the conveyance of 480 gur of fruit to the ships of a Syrian, named Baal-nathan, who undertook to carry it to Babylon, and to be responsible for loss.

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Babylonians and Assyrians: Life and Customs by Archibald Henry Sayce

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