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Download e-book for iPad: Astrology for All by Alan Leo

By Alan Leo

ISBN-10: 1596059249

ISBN-13: 9781596059245

He's thought of the daddy of contemporary astrology: Alan Leo spread out the secrets and techniques of divination by means of the celebs to most of the people within the early twentieth century with a well-liked line of astrology manuals that trigger a craze for horoscopes that keeps to today. right here, during this reproduction of the 1910 fourth variation of his crucial primer, Leo teaches us. . the fundamentals of astronomy required for an realizing of astrology . the character and personality of the twelve symptoms of the Zodiac . whole breakdowns of the impact of the sunlight and the Moon on every one condominium . what a horoscope is and the way to forged one . and extra. additionally FROM COSIMO: Leo's the major on your personal Nativity, Symbolism and Astrology: An creation to Esoteric Astrology, Horary Astrology, and Mars: The warfare Lord British astrologer WILLIAM FREDERICK ALLAN (1860-1917), aka Alan Leo, released Astrologer's journal in addition to a line of astrological fabrics; he based the Astrological hotel of the Theosophical Society in 1915.

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LIBRA S. SCORPIO Venus Mars 4 . CANCER 5. LEO 6 . VIRGO 9. SAGITTARIUS so. CAPRICORN Ii . AQUARIUS 12 . PISCES Moon Emerald, black onyx Pisces, Scorpio, Taurus . Sun Ruby, diamond Sagittarius or Aries. Mercury Pink jasper, hyacinth Capricorn or Taurus . Jupiter Saturn Uranus Jupiter Diamond and opal Topaz, malachite Aquarius, Gemini . Cancer or Pisces . Carbuncle, turquoise Aries, Leo, Sagittarius . Wh . onyx, moonstone Taurus, Virgo, Libra . Sapphire, opal Libra, Gemini, Aries. Chrysolite, moonstone Cancer, Scorpio, Virgo .

It inclines to the favour of those in higher ranks of life than the native . D in rX . The native has excellent mental powers and is capable of following some intellectual pursuit ; he has a good memory, learns easily, and is suited for a great variety of occupations : such as servant, manager, agent, or subordinate in any capacity ; any occupation connected with grain or food-stuffs, such as farmer, miller, grocer, maltster, confectioner or with drugs or medicine, such as chemist, druggist, herbalist, analyst, doctor, dispenser, etc .

73 how the qualities ' latent' in a polarity may lack the means of expression. " It must therefore not be expected that every detail given will be exactly represented in each case ; for the modifying influences of the other planets may greatly accentuate, or, on the other hand, even succeed in entirely suppressing some characteristics . Nevertheless-and this is the essential point-the polarities here given represent the two chief factors of the horoscope, so that the salient characteristics described will in most cases be found on investigation to exist in the nature in a latent state, if not in actual active manifestation .

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Astrology for All by Alan Leo

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