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Read e-book online Armored Units of the Russian Civil War: Red Army (New PDF

By David Bullock

ISBN-10: 1841765457

ISBN-13: 9781841765457

Through 1920 the crimson military fielded an overpowering array of armored vehicles and armored trains, whereas tank detachments had started forming in earnest. those armored devices performed a tremendous half in consolidating the newly received Bolshevik empire within the early Nineteen Twenties; by reason of the truth that railways have been the strategic arteries that basically managed Russia, armored trains have by no means performed the sort of major position in army historical past as they did within the Russian Civil conflict. This identify info their administration, building and service, body of workers and coaching and wrestle on all fronts, in addition to discussing Trotsky's armored teach, within which he carried out 36 excursions.

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