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Melissa Harris's Aperture - Winter 2010 PDF

By Melissa Harris

Aperture factor 201 (Winter 2010) contains: Portfolios and Essays from Lynsey Addario and Elizabeth Rubin, Aïm Deüelle Lüski and Ariella Azoulay, Lucia Nimcova and Clare Butcher, Willy Ronis and Carole Naggar, Ben Sloat, Axel Hoedt and Magdalene Keaney, Roger Ballen and Walter Guadagnini.

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Bottom— The rays from this gorgeous sunset were used to silhouette this playful moment between a father and son. The image was beautifully composed, and the emphasis is on the special bond the father has with his child. This image was made with a FujiFilm FinePixS2Pro. The exposure was f/19 at 1/125 and ISO 200. The focal length was 38mm. Before completely abandoning the traditional style of portraiture, make sure that the family is looking for relational photos. Just as there are trends in clothing and styles, there are trends in photography.

The goal of a skilled photographer is to use design rules and elements intuitively while working. Design concepts allow the photographer to see the possibilities. Rule of Thirds. The rule of thirds is a compositional tool used by photographers to determine the most effective subject placement. In essence, the rule states that subjects are more visually compelling to viewers when placed one-third from any one of the outer edges of the frame (horizontally, vertically, or both). Any image can be divided into nine parts, with two equally spaced horizontal lines and two equally spaced vertical lines.

With the window at this height, the natural falloff of the light can be used to your advantage, as it will create a darker area at the bottom of the image that will help draw your eye to the subjects of the image. When you are seeking soft lighting, be aware that light reflected off of parked cars, the window of another building, or a metal structure can produce an unappealing lighting effect. , a house with blue vinyl siding) can create a color cast in the light streaming into the room. Your best bet in such a case may be simply to find another room to shoot in.

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Aperture - Winter 2010 by Melissa Harris

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