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Ancient Rome, from the earliest times down to 476 A. D - download pdf or read online

By Robert F. Pennell

Robert Franklin Pennell (1850, Maine – 1905, San Francisco) was once an American educator and classicist.

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The Samnites went so far as to attack Teánum, a city of Northern Campania, which appealed to Capua for aid. The Samnites at once appeared before Capua, and she, unable to defend herself, asked aid of Rome. Painting, The Household Gods, by J. W. Waterhouse After the treaty of 354 mentioned above, both the Romans and Samnites had, independently of 32 Thus began the SAMNITE WARS, which lasted for over half a century with varying success, and which were interrupted by two truces. It is usual to divide them into three parts, the First, Second, and Third Samnite Wars.

The Latin allies of Rome had remained true to their allegiance, and only one city of importance was under his control. It was an easy matter to conquer the enemy in open battle, but to support his own army was more difficult, for all Italy had been devastated. On the other hand, the Romans were well supplied with food from their possessions in Sicily. Hannibal saw, therefore, that more active measures than those already employed were necessary. He sent to Carthage an appeal for aid. He formed an alliance with Philip V.

The town was made a MUNICIPIUM, the first of its kind. The inhabitants, being of foreign blood and language, were not allowed the full rights of Roman citizenship, but were permitted to govern their own city in local matters as they wished. Many towns were subsequently made MUNICIPIA. " spreading over the southern half of Italy, had in 423 captured the Etruscan city of CAPUA, and three years later the Greek city of CUMAE. Since then they had been practically masters of the whole of Campania. Alarmed at the advances of the Samnites, Rome only awaited an excuse to break her treaty.

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