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New PDF release: Ancient Israel at War 853-586 BC (Essential Histories)

By Brad Kelle

ISBN-10: 1846030366

ISBN-13: 9781846030369

Complicated and risky, in 922 BC the dominion of historical Israel used to be divided into Judah, within the South, and Israel, within the North. For the subsequent two hundred years, there has been virtually consistent warring among those kingdoms and their associates. those sour feuds ultimately resulted in the cave in of Israel, leaving Judah as a surviving country until eventually the emergence of the Babylonian Empire, the destruction of Jerusalem in 586 BC, and the exile of the Jewish people.Using old Jewish, Biblical, and different modern assets, this identify examines the politics, scuffling with, and results of Israel's battles in this interval. targeting the turbulent courting among the kingdoms of Israel and Judah, this booklet explains Israel's complicated, frequently bloody, overseas coverage, and offers a definitive heritage of those old conflicts.

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This inscription is the main source for the battle of Qarqar in 853, which involved King Ahab of Israel but is not mentioned in the Bible. (British Museum, London) with a causeway. In the midst of this battle I took away from them chariots, cavalry, (and) teams of horses. 3S There is reason to believe, however, that Qarqar was at least a stalemate if not a victory by Israel and its coalition partners. Shalmaneser did not press south of Qarqar in 853 and did not even campaign west of the Euphrates for the next three years.

On this campaign, he moved into the area of Bit-Adini and the cities of Til-Barsip and Carchemish, where he encountered a northern Syrian coalition of four kingdoms (Sama'al, Patin, Bit-Adini, Outbreak and Carchemish). Although the size of the armies involved is not known, the Assyrians captured various parts of coalition territory. Although subdued, the northern Syrian coalition was not destroyed, and these kingdoms continued to try to halt Shalmaneser's movements in the west at various strategic points around the Habur and Euphrates rivers.

This submission is memorialized in relief and writing on the Assyrian Black Obelisk, the only surviving visual representation of an Israelite or Judean king: I received the tribute ofJehu ... )40 This pro-Assyrian alignment would be Israel's dominant posture for nearly a century. 84 1 Be). Jehu kneels, with his representatives behind him bearing gifts, and Shalmaneser stands to the left of the kneeling king. (akg-images/Erich Lessing) 39 biblical texts picture Judah as a weaker partner that followed the northern kingdom's foreign policy.

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