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New PDF release: Ancient Aztecs

By Karen Latchana Kenney

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Montezuma had more furniture. He sat in a wooden chair and used a dining table. RELIGIOUS STRUCTURES Temples were very important religious structures within Aztec cities. Made from stone, some temples sat on platforms atop large pyramids with steep stairs leading up to the temples. The Great Temple in Tenochtitlán is one of the finest examples of Aztec architecture. Many fine and impressive stone sculptures were created for Aztec temples. The images they depict are both terrifying and powerful.

Slaves also served their owners and did not own land, but they were not free. They became slaves for several reasons. For some, slavery was a punishment for a crime, such as theft. Others became slaves due to unpaid debts, and still others were captured during war. During times of extreme hardship, such as a drought or famine, parents sold their children into slavery. Slavery was a temporary position though, and freedom could be bought back at a later time. indd 44 10/28/14 1:33 PM for their masters for no pay.

Indd 57 10/28/14 1:33 PM were built from wattle and daub, a construction method using mud and sticks. Nobles had the privilege of building homes that were two stories tall with many rooms, made from cut stone. Most Aztecs had little furniture inside their homes. They slept on mats on the floor or on dirt platforms and had a chest in which to store clothing. Nobles may have had curtains around their sleeping areas and murals painted on the walls. Montezuma had more furniture. He sat in a wooden chair and used a dining table.

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