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Download e-book for kindle: All Blues For Jazz Guitar - Comping Styles,Chords & Grooves by Jim Ferguson

By Jim Ferguson

Destined to turn into a vintage, this e-book is the typical results of not just years of taking part in jazz guitar but additionally of the author's lengthy institutions with many cutting edge jazz guitarists. This finished consultant is among the first jazz ways to concentration solely at the blues idiom and its contribution to jazz improvisation. it's designed that will help you play authoritatively in a huge spectrum of jazz guitar settings from giant band to small combinations to a solo context. This ebook is split into four sections which addresses 12-bar blues progressions, 3-note Freddie Green-type chords, shuffles, swing riff comping, chord scales, linear bebop comping, modal recommendations, triads over bass notes and a wealth of chord voicings and inversions. contains over one hundred ten track examples, forty five entire 12-bar choruses, and a CD with 30 tracks. It additionally bargains a valuable word list of jazz terminology. Written in common notation and tablature.

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Once the timpanist has opened his or her soul to the music, the timpanist must submit to the music. In submitting to the music, I simply mean that the timpanist should develop an understanding of the meaning of the music the composer wishes to convey and then find the techniques that will permit the musician to express the composer’s intentions. Studying the score, listening as the conductor crafts the sound of the orchestra, listening to recordings, appreciating the performance practices of the period in which the music was written, and understanding the composer’s style can help the timpanist develop a meaningful vision of the music.

By loosely holding the mallet, the mallet head is allowed to sufficiently penetrate the timpano head, resulting in a round, full legato sound. For Frenchstyle staccato playing, the mallet is pinched between the thumb and first two fingers, producing a shorter, less colorful sound. By so pinching the stick and snapping the wrist to get the mallet head off the timpano, the stick does not penetrate the head as much as a legato stroke does. This produces a thinner sound, and the listener hears a more articulate, less colorful note.

There are a number of strokes that can be used to create the proper kind of tone color and articulation. Staccato strokes are typically made with staccato sticks. The sticks are lightly pinched between the thumb and first two fingers. These strokes are made by smartly snapping the mallet off the head. The effect of the small mallet head and the quick penetration is a short sound: more punctuated, less colorful, and with fewer lower partials. The staccato sound, in addition to sounding short, is also bright.

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All Blues For Jazz Guitar - Comping Styles,Chords & Grooves by Jim Ferguson

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