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Algorithms in C, Part 5: Graph Algorithms - download pdf or read online

By Robert Sedgewick

ISBN-10: 0201316633

ISBN-13: 9780201316636

Graph algorithms are serious for a variety of purposes, resembling community connectivity, circuit layout, scheduling, transaction processing, and source allocation. This paintings provides many algorithms and their causes. it is usually specified figures, with accompanying remark.

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Add an ADT function GRAPHdeg that returns the degree of a given vertex. 40 for the adjacency-lists representation. 1 for the problem of determining the number of isolated vertices in a graph. Support your answer with function implementations for each of the three representations. 1 for the problem of determining whether a given digraph has a vertex with indegree V and outdegree 0. Support your answer with function implementations for each of the three representations. Note: Your entry for the adjacency-matrix representation should be V.

5, after we consider several concrete representations and implementations. A general graph ADT needs to take into account parallel edges and self-loops, because nothing prevents a client program from calling GRAPHinsertE with an edge that is already present in the graph (parallel edge) or with an edge whose two vertex indices are the same (self-loop). It might be necessary to disallow such edges in some applications, desirable to include them in other applications, and possible to ignore them in still other applications.

5. The modifications fall into one of two categories. First, the basic adjacency-matrix and adjacency-lists mechanisms extend readily to allow us to represent other types of graphs. In the relevant chapters, we consider these extensions in detail, and give examples; here, we look at them briefly. Second, we often need to modify or augment the basic data structures to make certain operations more efficient. We do so as a matter of course in the chapters that follow; in this section, we discuss the application of data-structure design techniques to enable efficient implementation of several basic functions.

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