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New PDF release: Alexander the Great (Ancient World Leaders)

By Samuel Willard Crompton

ISBN-10: 0791072193

ISBN-13: 9780791072196

ISBN-10: 1438117868

ISBN-13: 9781438117867

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There was no more resistance, and the way to the Persian heartland lay open. 59 60 ALEXANDER THE GREAT Alexander moved slowly toward Babylon. This was a fabled city, first the capital of the Babylonian empire, and then one of the sub-capitals of Persia. The Babylonians opened their gates to Alexander as word of the Battle of Gaugamela had spread fast. Alexander had achieved more than any Macedonian or Greek leader to this point. But he wanted more; he wanted to enter the great Persian capitals of Susa and Persepolis.

Then, looking at the task from a new angle, he pulled out his sword and clove the knot in half. The task was done; he was fated to become the Lord of Asia. Some historians downplay the Gordian Knot; others make it into the greatest stroke of Alexander’s life. What seems most important is that his men, who already thought him the greatest leader they had ever seen, knew about the legend and believed that this confirmed Alexander in his quest. They were now more ready to follow him than ever. Alexander and his men subdued one stronghold after another.

Tyre was separate from the mainland, but Alexander would bring the land to Tyre. The first half of the mole was completed before the Tyrians sprang their surprise. As the water became deeper, the Tyrian ships were able to attack the mole from two sides, raining arrows and catapult shots on the Macedonian workers. Furious, Alexander had two great wooden towers built. His archers stayed in the towers and picked off the Tyrian sailors, while an immense net or shield between the two towers shielded the workers.

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