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Tulku Urgyen Rinpoche's Additional Chants for the Barchey Künsel Cycle PDF

By Tulku Urgyen Rinpoche

Wake-up perform, Lineage Supplication (Tukdrub Barchey Künsel), The 5 Consacreations (cleansing water, vajra and bell, kilaya, mala, and drum), information about the Trinley Nyngpo (Yoga of the Essence perform Tukdrub Barchey Künsel), Torma supplying, Liberation supplying and masses extra.

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S Respectfully I bow down and take refuge in you. 8 OM AH HUNG V AJRA GURU PADMA SIDDHI HUNG 8 OM AH HUNG V AJRA GURU PADMA THOTRENG TSAL VAJRA SAMAY A JAH SIDDHI PHALA HUNG AH S 62 ADD I T I O N A L (JI ANTS ' 9 6 Translated in accordance with the oral teachings ofTulku Urgyen Rinpoche at Nagi Gompa by Erik Perna Kunsang and Graham Sunstein. Partly sponsored by Andreas Kretschmar. Edited by Marcia Binder Schmidt and Michael Tweed. © Rangjung Yeshe Translations &. Publications, Ka-Nying Shedrub Ling Monastery P O.

54 ADDITIO NAL C H A NTS '96 May there always be peace and goodness day and night. At this moment may the Three Jewels bestow this goodness. When taking down the poles (at the end of retreat), place offering tormas and consecrate them just as before, but there is no need to make an invitation. After having presented the tormas, offerings and praises, and at the end of having enjoined them to carry out the activities, apologize for your failings, saying: Manye yongsu matsang dang Gang-yang nupa machi pa Dini gyipa gangnong pa Dekun khyekyi zodzey rik For whatever I could not acquire or left incomplete, And whatever I was unable to do, For any of my deeds in which I failed, I beg you to bestow your forgiveness.

NAMO, NRJ YAM JAH, NRI V AJRA ANGKUSHA JAH. TRI YAM JAH, TRI V AJRA ANGKUSHA JAH. Summon with the hook mudra and with JAH HUNG BAM HOH draw in, dissolve, bind, fasten and inebriate. Then raise the action dagger, and say: 'Hung, Palchen tuktrul dorje gingkara, : . . ' ADDITION A L C H A NT S ' 9 6 S HORT FEAST OFFERING Ram yam kham om ah hung s Om ah hung benza guru pema siddhi hung ll Saparivara maha gana chakra pudza khakha khahi khahi s Hung s Chomden khordang cheynam kyi s Chapa gyamtso dishe shig s Nyamchag gyamtso maiO shag B Tukdam gyamtso maiO kang B Ngodrub gyamtso tsaldu sol B Trinley gyamtso maiO drub s Utsita balingta khakha khahi khahi s RAM YAM KHAM OM AH HUNG B OM AH HUNG VAJRA GURU PADMA SIDDHI HUNG B 5APARNARA MAHA GANA CHAKRA PUJA KHAKHA KHAHI KHAHI B HuNG H Blessed one with your retinue, H Accept this ocean of offerings.

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Additional Chants for the Barchey Künsel Cycle by Tulku Urgyen Rinpoche

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