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Download e-book for iPad: A Treatise on the Kinetic Theory of Gases by Henry William Watson

By Henry William Watson

The 1st version of Mr. Watson’s publication used to be released in 1876. the current, a revised, a lot enhanced, and multiplied quantity, is issued additionally in a handier shape. The e-book is, after all, primarily mathematical: it bargains nearly completely with definitely the right excellent fuel, and supposes that figment of the mathematical brain) “perfect elasticity” to exist for the molecules. it sort of feels to us that, until eventually we all know extra in regards to the inner kinetic strength of molecules and its legislation of dissipation into the encompassing ether, the kinetic conception of gases needs to stay the place Dr. Watson leaves it, a mathematical workout instead of a attainable actual concept. Dr. Watson retains away from physics beautiful more often than not, or even the identify of Van der Waals doesn't look in his treatise. It lacks a desk of contents or an index. Such books, specifically whilst released by way of a school press, are actually very unusual, and shortly the reviewer will consider capable of go them by way of with the one remark “no index”!

The Academy and Literature, quantity forty five [1894]

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R. any number of particles we find and the bar indicating * 5(^r) mean represents the values. mean value of the sum 2(Rr) taken for all possible configurations. ^,- p Jr i> j I i > I\ A \ i 1 1 \ * ^ [VKitSJTV O 44 KINETIC THEORY OF GASES. PROPOSITION XII. A number of material particles are in motion within a closed surface under the action of their mutual forces, required to find the pressure on the surface supposed to be normal to that surface and uniform throughout. By the last proposition 2 2 we have = -^(Xx+Yy + Zz).

KINETIC THEORY OF GASES. 41 molecules together taking the place of any one molecule in that proposition. / In the memoir referred *' distribution remains to demonstrated that this law of it is unaltered when the effect of encounters between other gas molecules in thermal equilibrium with the given mass of r molecules is taken into consideration. From this law of distribution it follows, by the same reasoning as has been^already employed, that if the mean kinetic energy of agitation of a molecule be taken to represent the temperature r of the gas, then the be o mean total kinetic energy of a molecule will .

R - is 00 and > y* / J 2^2 00 37 e~ AH ctr VTT = is \Jl Therefore 2,r*dM = = and r (-) 2h h m ffi ^ 2 //... Ae 2 * dxdvdzdudvdw: > JJ A ff.. and therefore the quotient, or the mean value of But the mean value of f squares of Therefore the r. mean value is o of m 7 m -Himes that mean off value r 2 , is is I A 7 li 7- and the ' is PROPOSITION X. y 'A homogeneous gas being supposed to be constituted of moving molecules with any given number of degrees of freedom, required^ to find the ratio of the specific heat at constant pressure to that at constant volume.

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A Treatise on the Kinetic Theory of Gases by Henry William Watson

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