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Amir D. Aczel's A Strange Wilderness: The Lives of the Great Mathematicians PDF

By Amir D. Aczel

ISBN-10: 1402790856

ISBN-13: 9781402790850

From Archimedes' eureka second to Alexander Grothendieck's seclusion within the Pyrenees, bestselling writer Amir Aczel selects the main compelling tales within the historical past of arithmetic, making a colourful narrative that explores the quirky personalities in the back of the most groundbreaking, enduring theorems.

This isn't your dry "college textbook" account of mathematical historical past; it bristles with stories of duels, battlefield heroism, flamboyant conceitedness, pranks, mystery societies, imprisonment, feuds, robbery, and a few very expensive error of judgment. (Clearly, genius doesn't warrantly highway smarts.) finally, readers will come away entertained, and with a newfound appreciation of the tenacity, complexity, eccentricity, and brilliance of the mathematical genius.

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