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A New Proof of the Lefschetz Formula on Invariant Points by Hopf H. PDF

By Hopf H.

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Going i~r whether we the assume i. decide hence If elements ordtf> = f are not. us for of establ ish let established We to fER 2 Otherwise and requirements fEC[[t]]. Zju = by have induction, f recursive ~/ R2, or, procedure again. Let us assume that $ is a automorphism of C[[t]], say ~b(t) = t t/~5"-:~ x i t i ) ' / i>O the--X's with Proposition exists a ;~0 ~ 0. X0 ~ 0. 2. For rational We call Then each admissible we F. sequences of values of have positive function the in integer 2i + n - i such that i m + 1 variables + n ~/ I" t h e r e such that I F i ( X0, • • • ~ X i _ l , b 0 , • • • ~bi+n_m ) is defined a i) are for We admissible sequences of b's Xi = F i ( x 0 , .

EG3 Rings I. Paris, intersection vol. [D3"] Sc. Polytechnique, Cheeger, liers, ~D23 Bernstein, Acad. : Brylinski, holonomic IC-G-M~ et a u x C. R. of the characteristic variety, 1980. R. : Intersection homology theory, R. : Intersection homology, Topo- 135-162. MacPherson, II, ~ para~- 21 Kashiwara, M. differential p. ~K2] : On t h e equations maximally I, Publ. Kashiwara, M. IID On t h e holonomic Inventiones Kashiwara, M. r~dig6 par : : Math. Micro-local EK53 Kashiwara, M. : Faisceaux aux d6riv6es 1979-1980, Kashiwara, rential M.

O Conversely, exists B completed b) -- a) of with ]- ). k verify column compatible 0 oj-ll Proof: d for marked i B oo I o ~ is boxes I . . I B ) be a matrix of d rows and 1 j-1 compatible with e , the index j verifying is j+l ) which j marked I B o which nk+] B j-1 ( B j+l an if algebroid d is an curve integer 0" w i t h such that multiplicity do~

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A New Proof of the Lefschetz Formula on Invariant Points by Hopf H.

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