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Download e-book for iPad: A Dictionary of Musical Terms, 8ed by Theodore Baker

By Theodore Baker

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Burlesque. ) A dramatic — . BURLETTA— CADENCE. ) travesty of subject, with farcical some serious drama or more or less music. ; Hidden, concealed, covand octaves. ) said of fifths reed-stop in the organ, generally of 1 6-foot tone, and on the pedal. A I. small round disk of leather screwed on the tapped wire of a tracker to keep it in place. 2. key of the accordion, etc. 3. The round knob at the base of the violin, etc. ) An ancient jox-wood flute with 3 finger-holes, resembling the Phrygian flute.

An. melody, one whose range extends through or nearly through the octave-scale above its tonic or final opp. to plagal. Au. part of the scale, that lying between a given keynote and its higher dominant, the part between the keynote and lower dominant being dence, . called plagal. A A Auto-harp. (Ger. ) zither without fingerboard or accompaniment-strings, all the strings being plucked or swept by the plectrum and stopped by a scries of from 4 to 8 compound dampers (called "manuals" or "pedals "), each of which when pressed down damps all the strings except those forming one particular chord the plectrum, rasping across all the strings, sounds this cord as an arpeggio the melody is brought out by special stress on the highest (or any other) tone of the ; ; chord.

BeWo-ws. Bal'gentreter (" bellows- treader "), calcant, a man employed to tread or stand on the old. fashioned German organ-bellows to fill them with wind Balg'klavis, see Clavis. Balg'werk, bellows. . Bal'ken thick . . ) line i. — 2. The the stems of connecting grouped hooked notes, substituted for the hooks. ) A composition intended for a dance-accomp. any piece of dancemusic. ; Ballad. (Ger. and Fr. ) Balla'de ; It. song intended a dance-accomp. hence, the air of In modern usage, it is a such a song.

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